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Supercharge your design & development workflow in Breakdance

Windmill is a collection of blocks designed to transform your design and development process in Breakdance. Through our design agnostic blocks you can easily setup your next website project in hours, not days!

Watch Windmill in action!

Watch me set the foundation of a website in minutes, not hours!

Build your next website in hours, not days

Building the same component and block is tedious.
With our products you no longer need to repeat yourself.

A to Z workflow

Wireframe or design in Figma and build in Breakdance with the same identical sections.

Supercharge your process

Our ready-made bare bones blocks allow you to accelerate your development process in Breakdance.

Figma file included

All our blocks are available in Figma. This gives you the option to build out wireframes and high fidelity designs.

300+ blocks and growing to supercharge your workflow

Our creative and unique sections and components will help transform and increase your workflow.

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but we do have raving fans

We will let our users do the talking!
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Super easy to work with!

We’ve made it super easy to get started. Even if you are a novice!

Purchase Windmill

Buy the Windmill template. You will get immediate access to the library with all our 200+ pre-made professional blocks.

Copy blocks from library

After purchase, access the library and search or filter your desired template/block and copy it.

Paste and start building

Fire up the Breakdance editor and paste your desired block in the editor. Enjoy!

Boost your development process today!

Building websites has never been this fun!
Windmill library Free
See the magic for yourself
  • 100 blocks(we add more as the library grows)
  • Access to the Windmill library free blocks
  • Copy blocks from the browser
  • Customize to your brand
  • No Support included
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(Limited offer until 30 NOV)
Windmill library PRO
Billed yearly
  • 300+ blocks and growing
  • Access to the Windmill library
  • Copy blocks from the browser
  • Figma file included
  • Customize to your brand
  • Support included
Includes 21% tax
Lock in this low price before it goes away
(Limited offer until 30 NOV)

100% money back guarantee

If you're unhappy with your purchase, no worries. We offer a 100% money back guarantee according to our refund policy, if it’s requested within 7 days of purchase.

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